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T261 || November Monthly Kit


Regular price $5.25
T261 || November Monthly Kit
T261 || November Monthly Kit
T261 || November Monthly Kit

Included in this kit is one month's worth of coordinated date stickers, a month header for each page of the monthly view, days of the week covers, 9 star checklists, 4 to-do whole boxes, 4 decorative whole boxes, 6 birthday stickers, 2 pay day stickers, 4 money icons, coordinated holiday stickers, 3 teardrops, 3 IEP circles, 2 504 circles, and several blank stickers.

These stickers are printed on a matte, white sticker paper and kiss-cut.

Paper Types:
Non-Removable paper is a permanent matte paper. Once placed, these stickers will be permanent and may damage your page if removed.
Removable paper is a matte paper that can be placed down and peeled up again. These stickers can be peeled up and moved multiple times without damage to the underlying paper.

This item is made to order.

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